Tech talk:
1.The products that contain moisture up to 5% could not be packed by PVA water soluble film.
2.PVA water soluble film should be kept in PE film to prevent moisture and crinkle when it is not being used.
3.Storage condition: room temperature 15~35 degree C,humidity 40~60%.Best for using all film after remove packaging to avoid moisture.
4.The elasticity of the film is larger than other film,specific equipment is needed when automatic pack machine is applied.
5.Do not touch with the wet hand.Be careful so as not to drop sweat,saliva and drop of water on the film.
6.PVA film has the good characteristic to resist the oils and fats,However,it can be affected by h3 acid,h3 base,chlorine free radical and some special chemical which can react with PVA ,it isn't fit for packing the above things.
7.The face is bright and the inverse is obscuration.To use it as bag,inverse is inside and face is outside felting be avoid.If you use it for embroidering,the inverse is adown for best result.
8.We can test  your products affect on pva film properties which can provide the proof for the package and the shipping.
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