PVA Water Soluble Film Applications
Water Soluble Strip Lanudry Bag
Water Soluble Laundry bags are specifically made for hospital and healthcare industry operators which are intended to enhance infection control processes in handling and transferring infected linens or other materials. These bags are impermeable to bacteria and virus. They are totally biodegradable and will not leave any environmental pollutant residue. Water-Soluble Laundry Bags are available in: 100% Water-Soluble Laundry Bag and Laundry Bags with Water-soluble Strip.

Water Soluble Laundry Bags with Water-soluble Strip
It is made from PE film or PP film with water-soluble strip tape and tie-back cord. This is an ideal and most cost effective laundry bag for eliminating potential risks of cross contamination of infected laundry.  
It is filled and tied with the water-soluble Tie-Back cord and transported to the laundry room. Infected contents of the bag are kept inside of the bag eliminating or reducing the potential risk of cross contamination of airborne bacteria, infectious body fluids, blood borne pathogens etc. 
It is placed inside the washing machine without further handling.
The Water-Soluble seam/strip and the Water-Soluble tie-back will dissolve in water thus exposing the contents for washing.
Once the washing cycle is completed, the PE bag or PP bag must be removed from washing machine and disposed off or recycled.  
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