PVA Water Soluble Film Applications
PVA Bag for Dye Industry
Water soluble bags provide a convenient, safe and economical delivery system for a wide range of chemical products including:detergents and cleaners, degreasers, deodorizers, concrete additives, pigments, biocides, water treatment products and etc.

In dyeing industry of normal operation, when the workers drop the dyestuff into the dye vat by using plastic buckets or regular plastic bags.The used plastic bags become a lot of chemical wastes and large amount disposal cost incurred.Also it requires large space to place such plastic buckets and large amount of cleaning cost incurred.On the other hand it affects accuracy of the requested weight of dyestuff due to the residue in buckets and PE bags.

The advantage of using water-soluble bags:Improve the working environment to be clean;reduce the cost of labour and cleaning;keep secret of dyeing formula;increase production efficiency by simplifying the process and suitable for automatic operation process.