PVA Water Soluble Film Applications
MSD Soluble Canvas
Water soluble canvas, as the name suggests is the canvas that can dissolve in water. There is no need to unthread the silk like traditional method. You can sew any picture as you like on it. It is easy to learn and convenient to get rid of it.  It can dissolves in water under atmospheric temperature water and won’t do any damage or influence to our human body and the embroidery.
With our cross-switch, there is no limit on embroidery, it can be bag,shirt,cloth shoes, sheet, table cloth,scarf
Have you ever considered to sew some exclusive label on your lovely bag or clothes? It is unique when you walk on street, do you have clothes that can’t wear any more because of the dirty mark that can’t wash away? All of this made no difference, sew a floret or a carton picture can be shaded. Do you want to sew a romantic picture on your lovers clothes? Just a small cloth , and everything will be OK.