PVA Water Soluble Film Applications
PVA Bag for Textile Packaging
In fabric production, the auxiliary agent like formaldehyde is commonly applied in the fabric treatment process in order to achieve wrinkle and shrink proofing, and flame retardant. However, the residue of formaldehyde will be left in the fabric which potentially causes severe health problems to us including skin irritation, inflammation and tearing when contacted with eyes, nsomnia and dizziness after inhaling for a certain period of time. And under the worst scenario, contacting formaldehyde for a long time may cause nose, lung and brain cancer.

a)The film absorbs the toxic substance like free formaldehyde in the bag or textile.
b)The film is anti-static and dust-proof which keeps the fabric clean and beautiful. 
c)The film is highly transparent with total light transmittance of more than 91% which present fabric brilliance.
d)The film is non-toxic and fully biodegradable.
e)The film is dissolvable in hot water with temperature of more than 95 degree C, which eliminates the waste residue.