PVA Water Soluble Film Applications
PVA Bag for Cement Additive
Water soluble bag provide a convenient, safe and economical delivery system for a wide range of chemical products including:detergents and cleaners, degreasers, deodorizers, concrete additives, pigments, biocides, water treatment products and etc.

Cement additive has natures of alkali, acidity and high concentration. It is normally used outdoors and easily getting into operators’ eyes and skin and pollute the environment. In the past operators have to put on appropriative overall to avoid the pollution of cement additive, which is very costly and inconvenient.

In recent years, water-soluble bags have been widely used for packaging of cement additives in some western developed countries to avoid environmental pollution. By adding the cement additives directly into the mixing bucket with water-soluble packaging, operation becomes simple and accurate dosage is achieved. It is safer and more convenient to mix the cement additives without opening the packaging.