The pva film is green environmental product.It is verified by microorganism tests that pva isnon-toxic and doesn't restrain from the growth of microorganism and can be degraded totally.It has no any bad effect on environment.Once PVA is dissolved in water,specific microorganism will cause it to degrade.When treated with activated sludge,solutions of pva film will be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide.
MSD has been dedicated to manufacturing Pva/pvoh films,bags and solutions since 1996.Since then,the company's market presence has grown rapidly yearly as the leader of the water soluble films and the packaging solutions in China.MSD brand products are widely used in the packaging,hospitals,mold release,water transfer printing,embroidery,pet products,textile and etc.
As the expert in the water soluble industry,MSD can fulfill your ideas by supplying innovative packaging solutions, from soluble films to the packaging machine, assisting you with new product development, trial runs and etc. We can pack powders, granules and liquids in soluble films from only a few grammes to over kilos. In terms of production technology,MSD is the prior manufacturer that can master both blowing and casting pva film technology in China.Registered under ISO9001 and ISO4001, MSD maintains the best quality.